Preschool/Kindergarten in TOKYO Japan Tamagawa International Preschool Kindergarden Tokyo Japan


Our Goal

TIPS strives to
- Develop courteous and kind to become future members of society
- Establish a high sense of self-esteem and confidence when expressing their ideas
- Encourage creativity through various activities including music, arts and crafts.
- Support the development of gross motor and fine motor skills
- Provide a quality academic learning environment for children

Our Philosophy of Education

Pre-K / Kindergarten Program

At Tamagawa International Preschool we strive to create “Life-Long Learners”. We strive for excellence by fostering an eagerness to learn and explore new ideas.
Since our school is located in Japan, we integrate Japanese cultural and philosophical ideas into our teaching style. We believe that learning is not always measured just by how well a student performs on a specific project. Children at the kindergarten level vary widely in developmental progress and may perform at very different levels.

At Tamagawa we value the process of learning, where children can experiment with thoughts and ideas to ultimately achieve learning objectives in a much more rewarding fashion than would be achieved through just an evaluation of an end “product”. This environment encourages children to explore and try new things. It makes them willing to achieve their own goals and learn to contribute their own ideas to the learning process. It encourages children to be bold, and to be confident in expressing their opinions.

At Tamagawa we emphasize the basics while recognizing and accommodating each child's individual strengths and learning style. Long after your child has left our kindergarten
program, your child will benefit from this crucial foundation in learning.

Toddler Class Program

Children in our toddler class learn through play. Emphasis is placed on training in independence and self-motivation as students are encouraged to choose and complete developmentally appropriate activities. The program provides for the emotional and intellectual needs of each child and fosters the child’s growth in self-awareness as well as an understanding and consideration of the needs of others. Group activities are designed to help the child see herself/himself as a member of our school.

The development of the child’s ability to express herself/himself orally is a major goal of the toddler class program. Students develop language skills as they listen to stories, perform plays, recite sing and participate in daily morning/afternoon circle time. Students are encouraged to speak in front of the class during their Show and Tell time.

Toddler Classrooms are equipped with a variety of appropriate visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities foster alphabet recognition. Block building, puzzles, games, small manipulative materials, many montessori based toys and art projects enforce concept of space, pattern, size, sequence and measurement and encourage the development of fine motor skills. Daily art activities include watercolor, collage, clay. Science activities focus on plant, animals and cooking. Children play at the school yard daily and participate in physical education every week.

Parents and teachers keep close communication about their child’s adjustment and progress through Daily Report as well as scheduled conferences.

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